Radiology at EVH:

Radiology is a crucial part of any diagnostic work-up as it lets us look inside the body and helps to best guide our treatment plan. At EVH we provide superb radiology services 24 hrs a day - from digital x-ray to our new digital ultrasound, and our state-of-the-art cone beam CT scanner.  Once your pet's case is reviewed by a veterinarian we can determine which imaging might be most beneficial to help us further diagnose and treat your pet. At EVH we like to go over these images with you so that we can describe their condition better and then come up with a treatment plan that best fits their needs. 

All of our radiology services are also available on an outpatient basis. With outpatient imaging you would not speak with a veterinarian at EVH, but instead the images would be emailed to your regular veterinarian for review and they would then come up with a treatment plan for your pet.  This services is only offered by referral from your regular veterinarian and the veterinarian's office would need to call ahead and discuss this with our staff. 


Digital HD-DR X-ray system

In 2016 we upgraded our digital radiography system to the latest HD technology.  This system allows us to zoom in on an image without it becoming pixelated which then could blur an image.  Having a clear image even when magnified is important when we are looking for small changes in the bones or soft tissues, particularly in our small exotic patients. Our images are stored in a cloud system so they can be emailed to your personal email for your records, your regular veterinarian for further review, or even to a specialist for continued care. 

Digital Ultrasound

When we updated our digital x-ray system we also upgrade to a digital ultrasound.  This machine provides us with beautiful images that are then sent directly to our cloud system as well and can be emailed to you, your regular veterinarian, or a specialist for review. Often times we can obtain the images we need without disturbing your pet's wonderful hair coat, but occasionally we may need to shave the fur to get the best image so be sure to let the staff know if you do not want this performed. 

Cone Beam CT Scanner

We feel very blessed to have a Cone Beam Ct scanner at EVH - especially considering it is one of ~12 in the country.  This is the latest technology in CT imaging and allows us to obtain images in as little at 18 seconds.  A 3-D cone of radiation makes one revolution around the patient and immediately displays a 3-D reconstruction of the area that can then be sliced into various width slices to better evaluate internal structures.  Short scan times means shorter anesthesia times which allows us to obtain images on patients who cannot undergo lengthy anesthetic procedures.