Check out this helpful guide: What to Expect if Your Animal is Hospitalized

Critical Care

Critical Care requires intensive monitoring and careful tweaking of medications, dosing, etc in order to help our patients improve their situation and give them the best chance of surviving their illness or condition. This intensive monitoring takes not only expertise, but also compassion and this fusion of family-style medicine meets critical care medicine is where our staff really shine.  


We work closely with you to keep you informed of your pet's condition, adjustments to their treatment plan, etc so that you can be a part of their care.  We also work closely with your regular veterinarian to endure continuity of care. 


We hope your pet does not experience an emergency, but if they do we at EVH are here to provide you and your pet with patient-centered, cutting edge, compassionate care 24 hrs a day.

Emergency Care

Emergency Veterinary Hospital is more than just an emergency clinic.  We not only provide emergency services to stabilize your pet, but by being open 24 hrs a day we can provide critical care needs as well for our patients. 


Emergency care is typically defined as the initial assessment, diagnostics performed, and treatment initiated to stabilize a patient.  Examples would be a patient that has suffered significant trauma or is experiencing a life threatening exacerbation of a chronic condition.  Or perhaps a patient that ingests a toxin.  They need to be assessed, have their conditions identified, and then treatment initiated to stabilize them.  The emergency portion of their care occurs in the first 12-24 hrs.  However, some patients require longer hospitalizations even after they are out of immediate danger and this is the critical care portion.  

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