EVH Accepts the Following Forms of Payment:

The Angel Fund

The Angel Fund is a special fund to help owners unable pay for proper veterinary care. Owners must pay the initial examination fee and apply for Care Credit before any funding is available. Then, if the condition is treatable, it is up to the discretion of the doctor to determine if Angel Funds can be used.

This fund is named in remembrance of a "Angel," a dog that was intentionally starved to death by her owner. The dog was so hungry that it ingested jeans, a sweater, and her own dog dish. She was rescued by Detroit Bully Corps and brought to EVH for care. Angel survived her life-saving surgery and was recovering well when she died suddenly due to her esophagus rupturing as a result of her severe emaciation and vomiting prior to being rescued.

Angel's story of mistreatment reminded us that many animals suffer needlessly. Angel was clearly intentionally mistreated by her owner, but other owners mistreat their pets by simply not providing medical care because they cannot afford it.  The Angel Fund was established to help offset the financial burden of caring for animals.

Angel was intentionally starved by her owner

Angel was intentionally starved by her owner