EVH offers the most advanced diagnostic testing available using state-of-art technology

Cone-beam scanning technology
Our NewTom 5G cone-beam CT scanner—one of just a few machines of its kind in the country—provides more detailed, higher quality 3-D digital scans making the diagnosis process quicker, less invasive and safer for the patient, and more affordable for the pet owner.

3-D cone-beam scans can be completed in less than 18 seconds, only requires patient sedation (instead of full anesthesia required for traditional CT scanning) which is especially important in critical cases and for older and compromised pets.

Cone-beam scanners use a cone-shaped beam that rotates around a patient and records images in multiple planes (slices of information) at one time creating extremely detailed, 3-dimensional views that make the the diagnosis process more precise. Traditional CT scanners only record one plane (slice of information) at a time, which creates images with less detail.

Cone-beam scanners are especially helpful when diagnosing fractures, bony abnormalities, brain tumors/defects, arthritis, and many more conditions. 

(Photos: Tom-tom machine, show diagram of cone beam vs. traditional. Detail of puppies teeth while they are in womb; blood vessels in outer skin)

Large format digital radiography (x-ray)
Our 17" x 17" DR flat panel digital radiography system—one of the largest in Michigan— produces incredibly detailed results. Its large format size captures more surface area, therefore fewer scans are required for a prompt, accurate diagnosis. 

(photo of normal size radiograph) and (photo of 17 x 17 radiograph)

Digital ultrasound
We use ultrasound to look inside organs to further evaluate radiograph findings and to guide us as we remove fluid from a body cavity such as the abdomen, bladder, thorax, or from around the heart.

 In-house blood testing
Our in-house blood lab offers a full array of testing and is the only practice in the Ann Arbor area to offer  quantitative cortisol, Total T4, and TSH levels testing.  For complete list of tests, please look at our list of services. (link to services list)

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