Revolutionizing Veterinary Medicine in Southeast Michigan 

EVH focuses solely on emergency and critical care medicine.

Emergency Veterinary Hospital provides the most advanced critical and emergency care available in the greater Ann Arbor area. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Lindsay Ruland, EVH offers round-the-clock care, focuses on strong patient support, along with the best and most advanced medical treatments at affordable rates.

EVH offers the most advanced diagnostic testing available. 

Cone-beam scan

Traditional scan

Cone-beam scanning technology

Our cone-beam scanner—one of just a few machines of its kind in the country—provides more detailed, higher quality scans making advanced diagnosis imaging quicker, less invasive and safer for the patient, and more affordable for the pet owner. Cone-beam scanners are especially helpful when diagnosing fractures, bony abnormalities, brain tumors/defects, arthritis, and many more conditions. (Click on scans to see detail.)

Large format digital radiograph

Traditional radiograph

Large format digital radiography

Our 17" x 17" DR flat panel digital radiography system—one of the largest in Michigan— produces incredibly detailed results. It's large format size captures more surface area, therefore fewer scans are required for a prompt, accurate diagnosis. (Click on scans to see detail.)

Ultrasound imaging services

In-house blood testing

Ultrasound and In-house blood testing

We offer ultrasound and have an in-house lab that offers a full array of testing, making us the only practice in the Ann Arbor area to offer quantitative cortisol, Total T4, and TSH levels testing.  

Making you and your pet comfortable is our goal.

EVH's facility was designed to be pet friendly.

Our 7,500 square foot facility was designed to maximize efficiency and to reduce trauma to your pet.  With your pet's comfort in mind, we designed our facility to include large treatment rooms, a surgical suite, seven exam rooms, digital technology rooms, a conference room, a blood lab, an isolation ward, an exotics ward designed to minimize patient stress, dog runs, and an indoor walking area.

EVH keeps pet owners informed and involved with their pet's care.

We understand what good care is about. We care for our patients and their owners. Our open floor plan reassures owners and helps them see what is involved in treating their pets. And, we want to let you know how you're pet is doing, so our doctors update owners by phone twice daily. Owners can also call our hospital at any time to check on their pets.

EVH is an AAHA accredited practice. Our facility and staff has been evaluated on over 900 rigorous standards of care to ensure that patients are receiving care that meets or exceeds the established veterinary standards of high quality and compassionate care.